Self Actualization Counselling

We’re born into a world of stories about reality and about us. Our parents tell them to us. Our friends tell them to us. School, work and television tell them to us. And we start telling them to ourselves. If these are good stories, stories that are truly about us, stories that give us energy and courage and the ability to love and be creative, we will have meaningful lives. But if they’re not telling us who we really are, these stories are false, and we begin to feel pain.

Your unhappiness may be telling you there’s a truth about yourself you don’t know. Your anxiety may be telling you your life is so fake it’s about to collapse. Your anger may be telling you there’s an inner truth already trying to come out. And your self-hatred may be telling you that you already know who you are, but aren’t living it.

In a time of mass media deception, false role models, unreal images, dysfunctional families and almost universal game playing, our inner truth gets more and more hidden from us. The re-discovery of who we are is crucial for living a meaningful life.

Groundwork is a unique approach that seeks the authentic expression of a person's being, whether in career, relationships, or alone. While it is therapeutic, it is not psychotherapy. It does not treat, nor believe in, mental illness. Groundwork sees depression and anxiety as a failure of a person’s mind to allow their real self to be in the world in the way it wants to be.

Groundwork is liberation from external expectations and self-imposed limits. Groundwork is spiritual counselling without any New Age jargon or mystical methodologies. It is curious, provocative and strangely fun. It's what has been called spiritually incorrect enlightenment.

Groundwork will help you get in contact with who you really are and allow you to bring yourself out into the world. This will have profound consequences for your career, your relationships, and your sense of being alive.

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Yours in peace

Len Choptiany